11-13, May 2017 @ Eskişehir, Türkiye

Eskisehir’s history, which lasts to Hittites and Phrygians, shelters many civilizations. Besides the development of urban understanding and practicing, Eskisehir stands closer to the level of developed European cities with its two universities, cultural and art works infrastructure, aviation center, well planned industry, underground treasures and social life choices. Eskisehir is also a city of education and science. Except the metropolitan cities, Eskisehir got the title to be the sole city in Anatolia with two universities. Anadolu University has 12 faculties, 7 institutes, 7 high schools, 2 vocational high schools and Osmangazi University has 7 faculties, 4 institutes, 2 high schools and 3 vocational high schools.

Eskisehir is the crossroad of railways in Turkey. In the province is a large capable factory, here is beside locomotive all sort of rail transport vehicles produced.  There are also other important factories like the sugar factory, the aircraft engine producing industry and the supplier industry of aircraft and helicopters which is common with Skorsky. Compared to other industrial districts in Turkey, Organized Industrial District of Eskisehir has a rational plan and a large area within machine producing factories and more than 200 factories working in other various sectors like textiles, confection, food, electronics and ceramics.

Organized Industrial District of Eskisehir produces its own energy and works with the Universities to manage the Science Parks of Eskisehir. Techno-parks in western countries are developing around a university because   Techno park tenant firms are showing growth by the use of knowledge, equipment, laboratory and library facilities of the universities. Anatolian Technology Research Park was established for this purpose, too. The Scientific Research Center of Anadolu University is making researches on plants to produce raw material for pharmaceutical and cosmetic productions, on the other hand with the production in the pilot institutions it is a pioneer for the industry organizations.

Anadolu University is professional in various fields of training such as open education, civil aviation and disabled training. Present day, the development level of a country is not measured only by the economic improvement, also by the development and expansion of services for disabled people in that country. According to this, Eskisehir has a leading position in many aspects; especially in education of disabled people made Eskisehir the center of education in Turkey.
Eskisehir has become the center of aviation in military and even in civil. These institutions are not only contended with the use of (hi-tech) advanced technology, they also intent to train manpower in every field of aviation sector. Instead of Eskisehir’s traditional "labor intensive" earthenware-based industry, an Organized Industrial District was established with medium and large-sized enterprises. Earth did not remain as a raw material for bricks and tiles; it also became a base industry material for sanitary wares, construction products and various household goods. The earth proper to Eskisehir is even a base raw material for ceramic art.

Eskisehir is rich especially in resources like magnesite, borax, sepiolite mines and marble quarries. One of the most important wealth of Eskisehir is "boron" mine. Boron is used in many areas as from nuclear industry to space crafts, from fertilizer industry to pharmaceutical industry, from chemical industry to automobile industry and is showing with the scientific and technological developments a wide spreading effect in application and usage area day by day.

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